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What the new world will look like! Zero Energy Cost Business Park

As, we believe, of of the leading renewable energy companies in the UK, we are delighted to have been selected to install a range of renewable energy technologies at the UK’s first zero energy cost business park.

Armstrong Point in Wigan has selected us to provide it with four different technologies – 90kWp Solar PV, a 6kW wind turbine, nine solar thermal hot water systems and nine heat pumps.

The £2.7million development on the old Britvic site at Swan Lane, Hindley Green, will provide nine high specification business units where tenants will not have to pay any energy costs. The scheme, which has been aided by European Regional Development Fund money, is due for completion in September.

As a company we have relationships with some of the biggest global technology companies, we are installing a Kingspan KW6 wind turbine as well as solar thermal and heat pump systems and Hyundai Solar PV panels.

This is a ground-breaking and innovative project not just in the North West but in the whole of the UK. We have been working closely with Armstrong Properties and Carbon Consultancy Company on this project for some time and it is hugely exciting that this unique development is nearing completion. Just seeing the first stages of the project rising from the ground has been amazing. Dave Armstrong and the team at Carbon Consultancy had great foresight with this project. It will be the way all business parks are made in the future, or it certainly should be.

The park will create up to 70 new jobs on top of the 55 construction jobs while the site is being developed, providing a much needed boost to the Wigan economy, and shows the ‘Green’ or Low Carbon Economy is one that can and does create jobs

All of the business units will have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A+ as well as being only one of a handful of developments in the world to boast a BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) Outstanding rating.

The scheme will include a demonstration centre in one of the units, showcasing the range of low and zero carbon technologies available to commercial and domestic customers. It will give everyone the chance to see just we can do as a company, and just what is possible, creating cutting edge, practical business space, with Zero Energy Costs.

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