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M&S eco-build in Cheshire aims to be greenest in world

FROM electric vehicle chargers to harvested rainwater in the toilets, Cheshire will be home to the most carbon efficient Marks and Spencer store to date.

Opening in late August this year, the Cheshire Oaks store will create over 350 new jobs and will be the third of M&S’s ‘Plan A Sustainable Learning stores’ following the opening of Sheffield and Stratford last year.

Their greener than green objective stretches to providing hemp and lime wall panels, a living greenwall, two electric vehicle charging points in the car park and a biomass boiler to heat the store. It’s taken almost seven years to build.

Other eco-features include the most visible, a wave-like roof, which is made of Glulam timber (engineered softwood) and looks like a suspended rolling landscape.

The magnificent timber beamed superstructure, has a recycled aluminium ceiling which is covered by a material made from 100 per cent recycled glass bottles.

Clem Constantine, M&S Director of UK & International Property & Store Development, said:

“We’re very pleased with how the store is progressing It not only puts the area on the map for having the most carbon and energy efficient, full-line M&S store but it will be a great boost to the local economy too and deliver the very best of M&S for our customers in Cheshire.”

The building will be the second biggest Marks and Spencer store with over 148,000 sq ft of selling space over two floors. It will be the most carbon efficient, full-line store to date, 35% more carbon efficient and 30% more energy efficient than similarly-sized stores.

The store will include placements for Marks & Start, which provides local employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

Eco- Features.

  • 100% FSC-certified engineered softwood timber (Glulam) in the whole of the roof and first floor: it’s as strong as steel or concrete but requires only a fraction of the carbon to produce.
  • Hemp and lime external wall panels (Tradical, Hemclad) which have excellent insulation properties to comparable brick and block building materials and absorb carbon from the atmosphere;.
  • An architectural and design strategy that addresses several areas of sustainability at once: water, carbon, waste, biodiversity and community, materials, travel and access.
  • All timber used in the shell build comes from sustainable sources (99.5% of which is FSC-certified).
  • Achieved BREEAM Excellent rating for the building shell and fit-out.
  • 70% of the store’s heating comes from heat reclamation and a biomass boiler.
  • Sustainable landscaping to promote a wide range of native flora and fauna.
  • Zero construction waste to landfill.
  • Harvested rainwater to supply all the toilets and irrigate the store’s  living greenwall.
  • The living greenwall is to provide natural insulation and encourage biodiversity by attracting native birds and insects.
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme: the store scored 38/40 on its third site inspection.


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