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Eco-company helps Knowsley sea lions go solar

A LIVERPOOL eco-company has helped Knowsley Safari Park reduce their energy bills by fitting solar panels in their sealion house.

Eco Environments, a highly successful renewable installation company, designed and installed 40 solar panels on the roof of the sealion house, one of the most popular attractions at the Mersyside Park, which will help save electricity for heating and lighting.

Edward Perry, Director of Operations for Knowsley Estates which runs the Park, said: “the energy generated from the solar panels would help reduce rising electricity bills, especially when the feed-in tariff income from the install was taken into account.

“We are trying to make the most of every opportunity we have to be greener. The Eco Environments team did a brilliant job to get us installed.

“Families love visiting the sealion house and we’re delighted that our four resident Californian sea lions Biffo, Max, Arthur and Reggie can help boost our green credentials, slash energy bills and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Spare energy from the panels will be used to power children’s fairgrounds next door to the sealion house as well as a large digital display which will be installed so visitors can see exactly how much electricity the solar panels are generating each day.

Mark Buchanan, Commercial Director with Eco Environments, said: “All sorts of businesses with significant energy consumption are choosing to invest in a range of renewable energy technologies with solar panels being the most popular.

“Knowsley Estates is a fantastic client because they understand the importance and significant benefits of developing a comprehensive environmental strategy with solar PV as one of the key elements.”

  • A 10kWp system of 40 Hyundai 245Kw solar panels was installed on the roof of the sealion house.
  • It is estimated that the installation will save the park £804.29 on electricity bills every year.
  • It will reduce its carbon emissions by over 4423kg per year.
  • A £1366 annual income will be generated through Feed in Tariffs.
  • Eco Environments estimated that the Park will see an average annual return on investment of 25%.

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