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Manchester company wins Green Award

ECO company ASC Renewables has won the 2012 Salford Business Green Award which recognises businesses whose products or policies have resulted in the protection or enhancement of the environment.

The winners of the 2012 Salford Business Awards were announced last week at Salford City Stadium hosted by former Krypton Factor host Gordon Burns and Dragons Den’s presenter Evan Davies.

David Byrne, Managing Director for ASC Renewables, said: “The green award is a fantastic validation of ASC Renewables’ core vision of providing sustainable energy without compromise.

“We were especially pleased that the judges praised our innovative wind partner programme which is a new way of linking wind power generation with large energy users.

“This allows any large businesses or energy users to benefit from green electricity and to make substantial savings to their energy costs regardless of their own site footprint.

“Our first partner sites are on-track for operation later this year with construction of three 2.3MW turbines underway of Anglian Water’s sewage treatment works. These turbines will power the sewage treatment works and supply any surplus energy to the national grid.”

ASC Renewables has taken their sustainable energy strategy further afield by recently donating  500 pounds worth of LED lighting to Bolton Lads & Girls Club to help them save energy.

Over previous years, the youth club has been using 50 x 50W incandescent halogen bulbs to help light their foyer, blazing away 2500W of energy for an average of 16 hours every day.

The ASC Renewables team approached SimplyLED, one of the largest LED lighting retailers in the UK, who were happy to supply their 5WGen (50Wequivalent) bulbs.

The club will save approximately £1300 annually on their electricity bill whilst saving over 7.5 tonnes of CO² during the bulb’s lifetime.

LED is revolutionising the lighting industry as the technology continues to develop. It has now become the most efficient way of lighting your home or business and has the following key benefits:

  • Long life span of over 10 years
  • Equivalent light output compared to traditional bulbs
  • Simple and easy retro-fitting into existing light fittings
  • An array of available colours
  • Very little produced heat (a common problem with flush mounted ceiling spotlights)

For further information on LED lighting and other effective energy saving solutions, contact ASC Renewables directly. 


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