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Bright sparks embark on new apprenticeship scheme

YOUNGSTERS from across the North West took their first steps towards becoming future engineers on Monday after enjoying their first day as new apprentices.

The group, which includes 20 trainees, embarked on Electricity North West’s four-year apprenticeship scheme, which will see them train to work on the region’s local electricity network.

Now in its fifth year, the apprenticeship scheme is aimed at people looking to begin developing a career in the electricity industry and to help Electricity North West power the region for years to come. Successful completion of the training will lead to jobs as overhead linespeople, jointers or fitters working to maintain and repair the electricity network.

Electricity North West funds specific electrical qualifications as well as vocational on-the-job training, which will also include aspects of health and safety, fire precautions, first aid, and customer service. Alongside school-leavers, Electricity North West also offers accredited IET training programmes which cater for both A-level students and graduates who are also looking for a career in the energy industry. 

New apprentice Adam Wood, 18, from Cockerham, Lancaster, said: “I've always been interested in engineering and I knew about Electricity North West before because they have a great reputation. I'm ecstatic about starting the apprenticeship scheme and I can't wait to get started."

Launching the 2012 scheme, Greg Fernie, Operations Director for Electricity North West, said: “We are delighted to welcome on board our new apprentices and we wish them luck in their studies.

“With youth unemployment at an all time high and the demand in electricity set to double by 2050 the energy industry continuously needs new recruits. Our apprenticeship scheme is a perfect opportunity and a great step forward to obtaining a successful and fulfilling career with Electricity North West.

“So many people and businesses rely on our electricity network, it’s incredibly important that it is properly maintained by skilled professionals. We’re also investing more than £1 billion in the network over the next five years and want to attract budding engineers to our business to help us deliver that.”

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