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New directory to boost confidence in recycled aggregate industry

A NEW online recycling directory has been launched by Zero Waste Scotland aiming to instill confidence in buyers of recycled aggregate.

Crushing and screening waste concrete, brick and asphalt from construction and demolition to produce recycled aggregates is standard practice in Scotland. It avoids sending waste to landfill sites and reduces the environmental impacts resulting from the extraction of natural aggregates.

However, quality recycled aggregates which meet WRAP’s aggregates Quality Protocol will conform to British Standards and Specifications in the same way as natural aggregates, and importantly, they will have ceased to be waste. 

Recycled aggregates not produced to such a quality management system will remain waste, have uncertain performance and remain subject to waste management regulations.

Zero Waste Scotland’s new Directory lists recycled aggregate producers which operate to the aggregates Quality Protocol, providing their customers with confidence that the company can produce quality products.

In addition, all suppliers on the directory have been independently inspected and assessed by TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), and are subject to regular reviews by Zero Waste Scotland to demonstrate their compliance with the requirements.

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland said: “The progress made by Scotland’s construction industry to increase re-use and recycling is commendable.  In 2010, it is estimated that the industry produced six million tonnes of waste, and that around 80% was recycled. 

“Recycled aggregates are a major contributor to this total, providing savings to the industry on both disposal costs and aggregate procurement.  However, it is essential that the quality of aggregate being produced and sold to customers meets industry specifications and its use complies with waste management regulations.

“This directory has been developed to ensure buyers of aggregate can feel confident about the quality of material they buy, and to promote recycling services which are available to the construction industry.”

Lianne Rafferty, Environmental Manager (Construction), Graham Construction said: “It’s brilliant to see this new directory, which will be a great tool to support the development of a more reputable recycled aggregates industry.  Having confirmation that the recycled aggregate has ceased to be waste removes the uncertainty of handling and using materials which could still be subject to waste management legislation. 

“As a user of recycled aggregates, the directory allows us to understand the options available, and make informed, safe choices based on this.  I hope that suppliers will get behind the directory and help to eliminate the lack of confidence in the industry that exists at present.”

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